It's not that complicated

1. Put in some hard work

2. Hide your dirty, wet, or sweaty sins in the bag

3. Close the top seal

4. Roll the top down

5. Clip the buckles together

6. Call your mother for once

We're on a mission to eliminate single-use plastics from hard work.



For those that earn it, keep the ripe fruits of hard work to yourself.


No more sniff tests before choosing outfits from your over-packed luggage.


Keep your hiking boots dirty and bathing suits wet, not the rest of your gear.

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"What's the difference between the 2 bags?"

Think of it like choosing between a wind breaker or a rain jacket.

SweatSax: Light, flexible, easy to transport material ideal for discreetly storing sweaty clothing. Contains smells, but not 100% water-tight.

WetSax: Durable rubber construction best suited for dripping-wet circumstances. 100% air & water-tight.

"How much can I fit in them?"

The Essentials Bundle gives you 2x 5L bags, giving you 10L of total space. We've fit a towel, swim trunks, flip flops, gym clothes, and running shoes in that.

Alternatively, about 10 days worth of clothes while traveling (6-7 days if you change outfits like an actor in a low budget production).

Also 7 trout fillets per bag. Don't ask how we know.

"Oh, I just use plastic bags!"

It's 2024, c'mon now. Do you hate turtles and oceans too or...?

"My bag has a special pocket for that!"

Take a good whiff of that paper-thin liner and try telling yourself the bag isn't 1 notch above a soiled diaper.

Are you going to dry-clean that bag anytime soon like the label suggests? Didn't think so. Once your SweatSax get a little ripe, quickly hand-wash and you're good to go.

Pro Tip: If you don't care about the logo, just throw them into the washing machine. We'll forgive you eventually.

"I just don't sweat much!"

Are your parents proud of you? Didn't think so. Get to work.

"Isn't this just a dry-bag?"

Pretty much, just a secret antimicrobial material for combatting odors and some sh*tty marketing. Normal dry-bags will smell awful after a handful of uses. We learned that the hard way.

Customers talk dirty to us

  • “Game changer, I can actually bring my gym bag to class!"

    - Rowan G. from Toronto

  • “Our dogs no longer sniff my gym bag intensely. Do what you want with that information."

    - Tymon W. from Amsterdam

  • "Instant essential for all my workouts. Also kept my luggage separate from dirty stuff in Asia."

    - Ryan M. from Colorado

  • "Guys, my luggage organization will NEVER be the same. Can't believe how long I used garbage bags."

    - Rina L. from Tel Aviv

  • "I use them mostly for hunting trips. Great for keeping my wet clothes from the dry stuff."

    - Dom B. from Warsaw

  • "Swimming for cardio before work is possible again 😭"

    - Yordan P. from Toronto